The Open Book and Board of Review are usually held in August – October. These meetings will be posted, according to law, and any assessment questions should be directed to the Town’s Assessor.

Tax information is usually available after the 2nd week of December. Tax statements are generally mailed out just before Christmas. We apologize for this, but that is how the process and procedure ends up. Tax payments can be mailed to the Town Office or paid during regular office hours. The 1st half of taxes (or full payment) are due to the Town by January 31st. The 2nd half (if remaining) is due to the County Treasurer by July 31st. Information for 2nd half or delinquent taxes can be obtained by calling the Washburn County Treasurer’s Office at 715-468-4650. A self-addressed stamped envelope is necessary for a return receipt.  Credit Card payments are accepted online or in office.

*Please Note:  There is a conveinence charge added to the amount paid when using a credit card*

*E-Check Option is also available online for a flat fee of $1.50*